About Us

About Us

SBArcil is a trusted name in the sphere of SARFEASI Enforcement Under Securitisation Act, Asset Valuation, Asset Management and Land & Estate Agency. The company was established in 2011 by Mr. Subir Biswas, LLB. SB Arcil is a company with a proven track record of 3 years in providing SARFEASI Enforcement Under Securitisation Act, comprehensive asset oriented services and solutions. We have undertaken valuation assignments of all types of properties? Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Tea Estates, Coal Mines etc. On a nation wide scale. Foreign Banks, Nationalized Banks and other Financial Institutions. SBArcil has always been awake to the dynamic needs of the Indian industry. We have endeavoured to provide efficacious industry wide and customized solutions through a process of constant innovation. In line with this tradition we are now focusing on areas such as Asset Restructuring, Conversion Of NPA’s Into PA’s, Enforcement Of The Securitisation Act etc. Which are national priorities in today’s context. We have also streamlined our services to make them perfectly compatible with the current trends of globalizations and open market policy. Our aim is to provide composite multi dimensional packages which are customized to suit the specific requirements of our clients. In order to achieve our goal we have assembled a team of proficient professionals, aptly equipped to : Analyse assets down to their core components and utilities, Identify factors responsible for decline in value/ performance, Restore assets to the state of optimum output.

SUBIR BISWAS ASSET RECONSTRUCTION COMPANY (INDIA) LIMITED (SBArcil) is incorporated under Companies Act, 1956 and having its head office at Kolkata. SBArcil was set up by very Senior Legal executives with a view to extend specialized services in the field of Debt/Impaired Asset Resolution & Management and related Litigation to various Companies, Banks, Financial Institutions, Individuals etc.

These professionals have vast experience in the field of Resolution of Non Performing Assets / Debts, Para legal services, Liaisons, Licensing, specialized consultancy services and Litigation on an all India basis. They have proven track records of achieving landmark results and breaking new legal grounds and achieving landmark results for their clients while recovering debts from hardcore defaulters.

SBArcil is also well versed in Arbitration Conciliation and Mediation in resolving disputes with defaulters and will provide the most appropriate and viable solution within an optimum time frame. It has also a specialized team with expertise in Insurance claims management and can help their clients in recovering their claim at a fast pace from Insurance Companies.

SBArcil is also well-equipped to handle all matters relating to Company Law / ROC / RBI / Stock Exchanges, Licensing / Certification etc. Our prestigious clients consist of many Corporate, NBFCs, Banks and various individual matters of high magnitude. SBArcil has recently introduced a unique para legal service facility through SBARCS Pvt Ltd. for individuals and small business as joint of its social responsibility. It will serve all para legal requirements for clients and given them access to the appropriate and cost effective legal services.

SBArcil is also introduced a special service to persons of Indian origin in aboard, to resolve their property in India which may have come under dispute and matters litigations, liaisons etc. This is will be an innovative service provided in overseas and clients will not have to travel to India.

Aim / Vision / Mission
To be easily accessible to clients, giving them continuous feedback on their matters and to provide them the most practical solutions in the quickest and most optimum time frame and cost. To be innovative in legal solutions and develop systems, co-ordination and teamwork in the organization to provide the highest quality services to clients. To engage in result oriented litigation or alternate Dispute Resolution.